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How to get clients consistently and build an engaging audience on Instagram
as an online coach or service provider  who doesn't want to waste time on figuring out what works.
Ice Zdan
Instagram & Business Coach
Learn the Magnetic Instagram Strategy to attract the right people to your account and convert them into paying clients as an online coach or service provider without spending hours on content creation and figuring out what works. 
  • Attract targeted leads consistently
  • Build an audience that values your content
  • Create content while having fun
  • ​Convert followers into paying clients
With my strategy you will have clarity and confidence on how to use Instagram for your business to its best potential. You will learn how to get clients consistently with easy steps so you can focus on your area of expertise and growing your business.

What I Do

I help online coaches and service providers get clients, build an engaging audience and create content that converts.
The goal of my program: create an effective Instagram strategy to get the best possible results in the least amount of time.


  • Online coaches and service providers

  • Those who genuinely care about their clients

  • Action takers and aspiring entrepreneurs
I helped 80+ online coaches and service providers to create an effective Instagram strategy and attract quality leads like a magnet. They get fully booked, get thousands of followers, have endless content ideas and know how to manage their Instagram accounts to get the best possible outcome for their business.


  • Create an effective Instagram strategy that attracts quality leads consistently. 
  • Stop testing one strategy after another and focus on what actually brings results. 
  • Show a step by step plan on how to manage Instagram account effectively without wasting time on unnecessary things. 
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About Ice Zdan
The founder & coach Ice Zdan working from Dubai.

Ice has invested over $60,000 USD into her business, various courses, and mentoring programs of industry leaders and continues to improve her programs. 

Ice helps online coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses attract clients from Instagram. She specialises in getting the best results for businesses with a minimum amount of time invested.

She shows how to connect with a targeted audience and make leads come to you without spending hours on content creation or wasting time on the wrong things, such as cold DM's, hiring social media managers, investing in Ads or building websites that deliver no results. 

There is no "magic pill"but there is a clear step-by-step plan that has been tested on multiple clients and can bring you immediate results. 

Your goal is easily achievable if you follow a proven and effective Instagram strategy that brings you dream clients while having fun.

What does the application-process look like?

1. You apply for the free consultation call.

Start by filling out the application form. By filling it out you are giving me some information about your current situation and yourself so I know how I can help you the best.

2. A member of the team will contact you for an interview.

A team member will conduct a short interview. It will take 10 minutes to ask you some questions about the things that you want to accomplish and what obstacles are keeping you from achieving your goals.

3. We coordinate an appointment together.

In the last step we will coordinate an appointment together were we both have 60 minutes for the free strategy call. In our call we will create an individual step by step plan for your specific situation.

Client Results

"I grew from 2,600 to 60,000 followers on Instagram! Now I get inquiries to work with me every day!"

Nathalie Nimah

  • Problem: Nathalie had a lot of creativity but no structure for her business. She didn't know who she was speaking to, her niche and offer weren't clear, and she was not getting anywhere with her business and Instagram. Even though she was posting content every day, it still didn't bring her any inquiries or sales.
  • Solution: We identified a clear niche and target audience, which helped us prepare a premium offer so that the right people couldn't resist. 
  • Result: An in-depth marketing analysis helped her to have clear messaging in her content, which resulted in having multiple reels going viral and growing her Instagram account to 60,000 followers. Now she gets inquiries to work with her every day! 

"I made $13,000 in 7 weeks working with Ice having only 1.2k followers on Instagram on top of my 9-5 job!"

Jacob Andrea

  • Problem: Jacob is a single father of 4 children, has a 9-5 job and is an experienced personal fitness coach. He had various low ticket offers and hourly consultations, but he wasn't getting enough inquiries, clients, or sales.
  • Solution: We created a high ticket offer and implemented effective sales strategy for Instagram stories.  
  • Result: He sold out his 1:1 coaching offer and made $13,000 in only 7 weeks of working with me on top of his 9-5 job having only 1.2k followers on Instagram.

"I made €14,000 with 700 followers and started getting dream clients consistently! Now I have an effective Instagram strategy for my business!"  

Deauke Robbens

  • Problem: Deauke had no strategy and was stuck between hiring social media managers and getting course after course, but nothing brought her results or clients. She was overwhelmed that she couldn't reflect on the importance of her expertise through social media.
  • Solution: We completely transformed her image on social media and created an effective Instagram strategy. 
  • Result: She now loves creating content and is confident with her strategy that attracts her dream clients through Instagram consistently.

The Team

Ice Zdan

Coach and Managing Director

Ice spends most of her time coaching and supporting clients to ensure they implement methods and strategies correctly. Her approach is like hand-holding to get the best results for the clients. 

Her goal is to teach others how to get the best results from Instagram while spending the least amount of time. She only focuses on results-oriented tasks instead of wasting time on unnecessary information. 

She helps them attract clients consistently so they can also enjoy a freedom lifestyle and provide better lives for their families without worrying how many clients they will get next month. Her simple yet effective 6 Step Instagram Client Attraction Strategy is proven to bring immediate results even without thousands of followers or posting every day.

Lead Generation Coach

Milda Zebrauskaite

Lead Generation Coach

Milda is an expert in attracting targeted followers on Instagram and converting them into paying clients. She successfully created systems that generate high-quality leads and clients with high buying power.

As lead generation is a fundamental step for every business, she provides additional support and feedback to our clients to ensure an efficient and consistent inflow of clients. 

Once our clients successfully learn how to attract targeted followers, Milda helps build a process of identifying high-quality leads and creating an effective DM strategy tailored for every niche and target audience. She helps with developing authentic yet strategic conversations to make leads feel appreciative and excited to have an opportunity to jump on a call or immediately sign up and work with our clients. 

Yana Dorohova

Business Development Manager

Yana assists Ice with improving the quality of the resources and deliverables provided in the Instagram Client Attraction Mentoring program. She is an expert in solving problems and creating strategies for business growth. 

Yana arranges the initial consultations with aspiring candidates who want to work with us. After she evaluates their strengths and whether we are the best fit to work together towards achieving their goals, Yana proceeds to arrange strategy consultation calls with Ice.

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